Waste Collection and Removal in Coventry - From Your Local Coventry Waste Experts

If you're a business owner, you have a legal duty to remove things you no longer need in a secure, suitable manner and Skip Hire Coventry can help and aid with all the rules and regulations.

Skip Hire Coventry would like to advise you that in compliance to the rules expressed by the Government's "Duty of Care" legislation, you need to store, move, remove, and keep record of your waste management procedures in a manner to be efficient, safe and friendly to the environment, whenever possible. Skip Hire Coventry assign a qualified personnel for disposal of any waste listed as unsafe from your site, to be combined with an improved method recycling or ethical removal.


Competitive Rates for Waste Collection and Removal in Coventry and West Midlands

Skip Hire Coventry can supply suitable waste guidance services to your most valued business that are in conformance with the provided guidelines.

Skip Hire Coventry provide practical guidance without charging in relation to the legal requirements of waste removal and we will always act in order with these regulations during the time removal process.


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Friendly and experienced members of our collection team at Skip Hire Coventry can take them out at once from your farm all kinds and sizes of waste.

You may we can really assure that Skip Hire Coventry will dispose of your rubbish that is confidential in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Skip Hire Coventry realise that customers' needs vary, which is why we provide personalized services to all clienteles, which includes the frequency of collection - it can either be on a regular basis or one time. Skip Hire Coventry employs professional disintegration services, possible to apply on and off-site, in order to guarantee that any sensitive or confidential data doesn't pass by in the wrong place.

Skip Hire Coventry are enlightened of the weight a waste management program on your job, and will therefore customise the period of clearance to match your individual needs in West Midlands. After Skip Hire Coventry gather & fully recycle your confidential waste, we will be happy in providing you with a valid certificate of destruction for your records, as well as for the serenity of mind.

Skip Hire Coventry Collect and Remove Waste Across West Midlands

Skip Hire Coventry is able to guarantee the appropriate removal of all kinds of waste, such as confidential, hazardous, generic, electrical and medical sorts.

Some of the hazardous types of waste Skip Hire Coventry may clear away enclose batteries, aerosols, solvents, chemicals, paints and low-level radioactive materials.

If you need a specialist disposal unit for hazardous loads, please let Skip Hire Coventry know during the time purchase process so that we can assess the type and extent of hazard involved and arrange appropriately.

Each of our waste disposal services at Skip Hire Coventry extends to businesses, and it is also possible to modify to apply domestic, individual requirements too.